Warner Robins Toothache

Warner Robins Toothache

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William L. Toler DMD believes that the goal of an oral care practice should be to prevent tooth and gum disease and help preserve their patient’s dental health for a lifetime. Even with the most diligent adherence to good oral care practices an occasional problem such as a Warner Robins toothache can develop and our doctor must take steps to restore the tooth or gums to full health and functionality.

The most common complaints that our dentist sees are emergencies such as a Warner Robins toothache. Pain in the teeth and jaws can be caused by a number of issues, some very small and simple to alleviate and others that can cause severe complications including tooth loss if not treated promptly. Common causes of toothaches are trapped food particles or debris around or between teeth or between teeth and gums, tooth decay or a cavity, cracked or chipped teeth or infected roots. Problems with the jaw muscles can also cause toothache-like symptoms. Toothaches can come with pain as well as sensitivity to hot or cold, the symptoms may be mild or severe. Our doctor gives a patient complaining of a toothache a complete evaluation of the affected tooth and the entire area. Sometimes a simple thorough rinsing of the mouth can dislodge trapped food particles and alleviate the problem. If decay is causing the toothache a more extensive restoration maybe needed such as drilling out the decay and filling a cavity or an endodontic treatment if the roots are infected.

Besides a Warner Robins toothache another type of dental crisis our emergency dental practice responds to is traumatic injuries to the teeth. A tooth maybe pushed partially out of its socket due to a blow to the mouth, often our doctor can reposition the tooth without further treatment. If the tooth is knocked completely out keep it moist and call our office immediately because it is possible to replace the tooth inside its socket if care is given quickly. Our practice is available to deal with all your dental emergencies as well as helping you on a regular basis. Please call our office whenever an emergency arises or for a regular checkup appointment.

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