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Toothache Warner Robbins

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Common causes of toothaches in Warner Robbins

Toothache Warner Robbins
Toothache Warner Robbins

Tooth pain can sometimes be traced back to your gums or jaws, but most commonly has four possible reasons. We at the office of William L. Toler DMD are prepared to address your toothache Warner Robbins promptly and effectively.

The typical causes of toothaches are a cavity, lost filling, chipped or cracked tooth, and in infection inside the tooth. The key thing to know is cavities, lost fillings, and chips or cracks are usually why an infection is able to occur. This is because your tooth’s protective layers have been breached. Bacteria is ordinarily kept out. If it has a path inside, though, it is essential that your toothache Warner Robbins is treated as quickly as possible. The more time that bacteria has to wreak havoc, the greater the likelihood that it will. The easiest and fastest type of toothache to deal with is a lost filling. It’s a simple matter or replacing it, which requires a minimal amount of drilling. Secondary to that is managing a new cavity. Fillings today last a long time, and they are efficient in keeping the tooth safe from harm due to bacteria. A chipped or cracked tooth will require the placement of a crown. Impressions are taken and sent to the dental lab. And until you return to have you permanent crown cemented to your tooth, a temporary one will be fitted. Again, keeping the tooth safe is a top priority. In the event of an infection, root canal will have to be done. You can relax, though. This process is not the scary one that pop culture would have you believe. You will be kept comfortable throughout.

Don’t hope for your toothache Warner Robbins to go away on its own. Call our office and we will have you seen in a timely manner. Relief is close at hand.

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