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Common causes of teeth stains in Warner Robins

Teeth whitening in Warner Robins
Teeth whitening in Warner Robins

Stained teeth are not a mystery, unfortunately. Due to the common causes, most of which are related to food, drink, and tobacco, the need for our teeth whitening in Warner Robins has increased with each passing year. At the office of Willam L. Toler DMD, we’re dedicated to providing you, our valued patient, with the very best treatments for your cosmetic dental issues.

Among the foods that stain teeth are curry, soy sauce, hard candies, and berries. Yes, we know how much berries are touted for their nutritional qualities, and that remains true. What is good for the rest of your body, however, may not be good for your teeth, in terms of their color. Beverages that are known to stain include tea, coffee, red wine, and cola. You’ll immediately recognize that these are four of the most popular drinks that people have. There are very few people who do not indulge in at least one on a regular basis. At the very top of the list of teeth stainers, though, is tobacco. Sure, smoking it is a problem, but even smokeless versions are an enemy to your bright smile. Some prescription medications, notably tetracycline, are also culprits in teeth stains. Depend on our teeth whitening in Warner Robins for excellent results that are safe on your teeth. What you should avoid is over-the-counter options, which can contain abrasive ingredients harmful to your enamel. We can assure you of impressive results, quickly. Those results are not permanent, but they will last for a year or even longer if you maintain the outcome well.

Wouldn’t you like to flash a set of teeth that are brilliant and white? Then take advantage of our teeth whitening in Warner Robins by contacting our office today. Arrange an appointment to come in. Get the smile you want and deserve.

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