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Fort Valley Dentist

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Dr. William L. Toler DMD is a Fort Valley dentist that treats dental decay and cavities. Dr. Toler has been practicing for over 31 years and opened his practice in 1983 in a small office. Over the years his practice has grown and a larger office built in 2005 to accommodate more patients.

Your first appointment with our Fort Valley dentist will start with a comprehensive exam in which we will check the teeth and gums as well as the surrounding structures of the teeth. If there are any cavities present, we will fill them with composite filling.
Regular annual cleanings at our office are recommended for treatment of gum disease. We can get in between the teeth and gums with special tools that scrape the bacteria from the pockets as well as get into places that brushing and flossing cannot reach. We also recommend veneers for dental restorations. Veneers are used for whitening teeth and to fix minor shape issues, and are usually more cost effective than crowns can be. Many patients are very happy with the results.

Our Fort Valley dentist can help you learn more about the right practices for oral hygiene and to get on a good dental regimen to help take care of your teeth and gums. Patients can make appointments on our website and learn more about our services and our commitment to our patients as well as view patient testimonials and read about how we have helped our patients have better, healthier teeth. We love for our patients to connect with us and tell us how they’re doing. Call one of our trained staff members too if you’re looking to ask questions or to find out more about our services, or speak to Dr. Toler about your dental health.

William L. Toler DMD
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